Shiawassee Respite Volunteers


Ella Parker is a nine-year-old third grader at Central Elementary School in Owosso. When members of her class were asked to take part in a kindness project by their teacher, Ella chose to help the local Shiawassee Respite Volunteers. Respite is a nonprofit that provides weekly visitation to housebound adults, usually giving a spouse or caregiver an opportunity to shop or run errands while the volunteer spends time with the client. Ella made baskets for six of the clients and filled them with Christmas ornaments, cookies, candy, cocoa mix, pencils, sterile wipes, coffee cups, and more. She volunteered to deliver the baskets personally. With the help of her grandfather she met with six Respite clients just before this past Christmas. 

Y-PIF Nominee: Ella Parker

School: Owosso Central Elementary School